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Friday, May 13, 2011

List of Questions for my Doctor

As I mentioned in my last post, I had a large list of questions for the doctor side of my birth team. I'm going to post them here. I got a bunch of the questions from My Best Birth which is a worth while read. It's not a huge book and it explains the obstetric myths quite well. Let me know if you have any questions in the coments and I will help define what I can :).

Policy and Procedures
1.       Can I walk and move around during labor?
2.       Do I have to deliver lying flat on my back? I prefer just going with the position that feels right at the time. I’ll be open to suggestions but not supine.
3.       Do you use continual fetal monitoring? What form do you use? Is intermittent monitoring an option? Do I have to be strapped down for it.
4.       Do you routinely perform episiotomies?
5.       I don’t want an IV is that tolerated? Is a hep lock an option?
6.       Do you support natural childbirth?
7.       Is there a time limit to labour? What is it?
8.       Can I eat and drink during labor?
9.       What is your c-section rate? Under what conditions do you require a c-section?
10.   Can I have a copy of every waiver?
11.   How long do I have to stay here after the baby is born?
12.   How often must I be vaginally examined while in labour.
13.   Does the hospital use cytotec?
14.   I want to follow my body and push when I have the urge, will that be an issue?

Baby Safety
1.       I want to hold my baby immediately after birth, they won’t take my baby away will they? Can I nurse my baby immediately?
2.       I am not comfortable with pitocin at all. If I must induce are there better methods I can use? Are cervical balloons used here? How long can I be pregnant before I must be induced?
3.       Is the hospital equipped for emergencies 24/7 or are there specific hours when OR and anesthesiologist are available?
4.       If for some reason I am separated from the baby and cannot breast feed, I don’t want the baby fed any dairy based formula or animal milk. If there must be something, please use soy.

1.       Who delivers my baby? You, team member, on-call doctor?
2.       Do you honour birth plans?
3.       Is there a way to see what the rooms are like?
4.       At what stage in labour must I come to the hospital? I would like to labour at home as long as I can.
5.       I don’t want an epidural, will I be under pressure by nurses?
1.       Are the rooms private? Will there be lots of people coming in and out?
2.       Can lights be dimmed?
3.       Are there any restrictions on who is allowed in the room?
4.       Will I have to change rooms during my stay?
5.       Are there rules about what I can wear and what I can bring?
6.       I may hire a doula, is that tolerated?
7.       I might try a bunch of alternative pain management methods, is that ok?
8.       Will I have access to…
a.       squat bar
b.      tub
c.       shower
d.      ball

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