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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Easy to Make Home Made Air Fresheners

I stumbled upon this recipe at a few months back and decided I had to try this out. I am dead against using those chemical plug in room fresheners as I suspect that they are super unhealthy. They also gave me some major allergy issues when I was younger and I`d worry about my cats trying to eat them. These gel air fresheners are very simple to make, have few ingredients and since you make them yourself you know exactly what goes into them. I made a bunch of different scents in different containers because I thought it would be neat to have each room smell differently. The liquor glasses turned out the prettiest and I left out the food colouring. This would not be considered a vegan recipe as it contains gelatin so if you are vegan for animal welfare reasons you may want to try making these with agar instead. I have not tried this but it seems like it would work.