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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Indoor Veggie Garden

My Husband made me something awesome for my birthday (which was in May). He put together a small indoor garden for me in the office. It is made out of 4 small garbage cans filled with soil and has a grow light with a tin foil coated top that reflects the light back to the plants. We've tried growing veggies on the patio in previous years but it is covered and there was not enough light. The only thing that grew was the swiss chard and some Herbs but the squirrels attacked the herbs.

I'm stoked that the indoor garden is working. The peppers are doing really well and I have okra growing too. I just started some lettuce, spinach, cilantro and dill. Hopefully they will thrive too now that I added some organic fertilizer. It takes a bit longer for the plants to grew indoors with the light but once assembled the whole thing is pretty low maintenance. I can't wait until the veggies start growing on the plants.