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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Tutorial: Customize a Tiny Chair

I am making a custom desk so I have a place to study in January (going to Naturopathic med. school and I'm super excited). I will have more on the desk later but to go with the desk I have a pretty generic folding seat.

This is of course too boring so I felt the need to customize it. It is really easy to do.

Unscrew the screws that hold the cushion on. 

Select a pretty fabric and cut a round piece that is about 10 cm bigger than the cushion all the way around.  
Attach the fabric to the cushion any way you like. I just used scotch tape. 
Make sure that the holes corresponding to the screws are accessible either by taping around them or cutting some holes in the fabric.
Then you just have to re-screw the cushion back on and your done :).