Sunday, December 18, 2011

Apartment Tour: Bedroom

I'm kind of proud of our little apartment. This was the homiest place we've lived so far. This is the bedroom. I tried to keep the minimum in here in terms of furniture. The bassinet is fairly recent and also temporary as my little monster has grown out of it all ready.

I made the valence above the bed. It was pretty simple. I hung some bamboo ($0.80 each) with fishing line then draped fabric over them. I had to tie the fabric on with a bit of thread. I bought the fabric from the sale bin for $4.00.

The chair is second hand. There is a blanket draped over it so that it will match and has a reading lamp near by.

The comforter was $30. I got the throw pillows and bundled sticks on sale as well. Overall, this room was pretty cheap to put together.