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Friday, December 9, 2011

Custom Under the Bed Storage Boxes

I made these boxes a while ago. I am not going to include a tutorial because these are pretty basic to make. I just measured the space under the bed and cut out each side of the box separately. I double layered the cardboard for extra strength which made the job a lot bigger but it was worth it. I glued the two plys together with a hot glue gun then taped the sides onto a cardboard base. I coated them with white paper and cut out some patters to pretty 'em up. Hopefully this is not confusing but if anyone were up to copying these I'm sure they would be resourceful enough to figure it out or ask me in the comments. I made three boxes that fit all on one side. I could have made three more for the other side but I already have a purchased storage solution there.

If I had hardwood floors, I would have opted for putting drawers (from an old dresser) on wheels that could fit under the bed. I don't know where I saw the idea but it is awesome and probably less work. You would have to find the right sized drawers though which could be tricky.

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