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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Decorate With Your Stuff: A Few Easy Ways To Make Your Closet More Interesting While Spending Nothing

This decorating project started as a storage problem. I have a small jewelry box and not all of my stuff fits in there so I can't find anything and rarely wear any of it. So first, out came the bracelets. I put some nails in the wall and hung them up. (Note: Maybe don't display expensive jewelry this way as you may get robbed)

I also hung up some hats along the ceiling because I want the shelf space for other things. Scarfs are hung below on command hooks. I need a few more hooks to make it look a bit more symmetrical.

I really like dangly earrings. I could not wear them for a while out of fear of having them ripped out of my ears by my son but he is old enough now to know better (I hope). I wanted to hang them up so I could see them all. This was my solution:

This was a very fast project.
1. Staple some colourful paper to a canvas.
2. Staple a string on the back to hang it up.
3. Nail some nails around the edge of the canvas, more or less evenly.
4. Weave embroidery thread haphazardly around the whole get up and tie it.
5. Add earrings.