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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Glass Vases and Cats Don't Mix, Until I Cat Proofed Them.

I have these three glass vases that I put some high qual. fake flowers in. I put them on the tank of the toilet to add a splash of colour to the bathroom. All was well until my husband caught our kitten pawing at them and he put them somewhere high to prevent a disaster. Then we were left with a rather plain looking thrown so something had to be done. I bought a refill pack of command hook stickies and used the stickies to glue the vases to the toilet tank. Now Cheshire can paw at them and they will stay put. In fact he was trying to knock them down as I was sticking the vases there. He's such a little monster. I love command hooks and stickies, I use them for everything. I never follow the directions either, I will start using the hooks immediately instead of waiting an hour. So far I have not lived to regret it :).

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