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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Installing Task Lighting for Increadibly Cheap

I am really proud of this project. I have been meaning to do it for a long time. I really like under cabinet task lighting but I live in an apartment and cannot afford such luxuries. I bought 6 Dot-it lights at the Dollar Store for $1.25 each. I bought two 12 packs of AAA batteries at XS cargo for about $7 each.

All I did was insert the batteries (3 in each light), peel off the paper and stick the lights under the cabinets where I wanted them. Some of them did not stick so I took out my trusty Command hook stickies and used those to stick them back to the cupboards. It turned out really well. Even my husband thought they were cool. You can turn them off and on by pressing them. All in all the total project cost less than $25 if you include the command stickies which I already had on hand (I always have them on hand, they are like my duck tape). PS. Please take no notice of my messy kitchen, it was a home decor weekend, it gets messy :).